Chili Cook Off / February Meeting – 5 February 2013


We are still in need of a few more items for the February Chili Cook-Off.  We could use one or two more to make cornbread, and maybe another to bring beverages.

Please advise via email if you can help:

So far we have:

1. Judy Price
2. Marianne Pelletier
3. Carol Walenga
4. Carol Greer
5. Jo Lovelace
6. Ronnie Gammons
7. Joan Tompkins

Need two people to bring grated Cheese

1. Barbare Coutuier
2. Judy Lea

Crackers or Chips

1. Lou Barron
2. Lynn Danielson
3. Frank McCain – chips

Need one or two more to make cornbread

1. Lauren McCroy May
2. Lorine Bourland


1. Greg Tomerlin
2. Lee Lyle
3. Barbara Martinez
4. Carolyn Morris
5. Bob McCutchan
6. Delores Mackey
7. Linda Atkinson

Need one or two more to bring beverages

1. Stephen Lyle
2. Linda Farmer
3. Lauren LeCroy May
4. Barbara Coutuier

If you can fill in one of these blanks, send an email to:

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