Spring Festival Planning Meeting – Tuesday, 12 March 2013

schoolexhibitbldg-20121104First of all, the next spring festival meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 12th starting at 6:30 pm. We will be meeting in the School Exhibit Building at the fairgrounds. With the festival date creeping ever closer, we will be covering all areas of the festival including Logistics, Vendors, Publicity, Fundraising, Tours and Speakers which brings me to my next item of business…

We are looking for a volunteer or volunteers to handle the coordination of the Speakers Corner which will be located in the Turner Evans building the day of the festival. We already have a growing list of demonstrators and as exhibitors commit to participating in the expo, we will be asking them if they would like to participate in the Speakers Corner as well. All that to say, we do not envision this role will need to do a lot of solicitation to come up with demonstrators to fill the Speakers Corner for the day. What we do need is someone to

  • Work with the confirmed demonstrators to assign timeslots for each one.
  • Work with the Logistics team (based on demonstrators requirements) to ensure all equipment is available such as Screen, Projector, Flip Charts, etc.
  • Develop and update a working schedule of demonstrators.
  • Finalize the working schedule as it gets closer to the event. Ensure the schedule gets published to our website. Ensure a final version is made available for hard copies to be printed as handouts the day of the event.

Please let me know if you are interested! This would be a great activity for a couple of people to take on so if you would like to partner with one of your fellow master gardeners, that would be great! You can contact me at lahobby@comcast.net or Cell: 615-498-8249.

Thanks, Everyone!

Laurie Hobby

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I enjoy chess, amateur radio, gardening, beekeeping, birding, and being outdoors.
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