How To Log Your Volunteer Hours

First, you must know your TMG Resources user name and password. If you do not know these two strings, email the Certification Officer and s/he will send you your login info.

To log volunteer hours, go to: **

tmg_icon** Note, you can access the TMG Resources login page from our WCMG website by clicking on this image in the right-hand column of any page.

Once you reach the TMG Resources page scroll down the page, enter your user name and password, then click the Submit button.

Now click on the Reports menu in the left-hand column (the green menu).

To enter volunteer hours, click on My Volunteer Hours.

Now click on Enter New Report.

Choose the appropriate category for your volunteer service in the Project Name pull-down list (for example, Fairgrounds Demonstration Beds).

Enter the correct date of your volunteer service.

Enter your hours in the Community Hours box (or the appropriate category).

Then scroll to the bottom of the page, past all the other entry boxes, and click Submit.

That’s it.  Now be sure to log out of the TMG site if you’re using a shared computer.


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