Volunteers return rescued plants home

SPRING HILL — Tiffany Duke Fox’s exotic Chattanooga flower garden just returned from a 14-month vacation in Spring Hill.

chattanooga_spring-hillPerhaps it was more of a trip of refuge than a vacation. A massive tornado ripped through Chattanooga on March 2, 2012, destroying 77 homes, including Fox’s. She had lived there 12 years and raised a prized garden, including a variety of herbaceous plants and a unique collection of perennials, such as hydrangeas, hostas, daylilies and irises.

It was clear after the storm devastated her neighborhood that the garden would have to be taken up, yet there was so much destruction all around that there was nowhere to relocate it.

That’s when Tiffany’s good friend from Spring Hill, Heather-Lin Brannon, showed up to help. [ … continue reading ]

Source:  www.tennessean.com/article/20130505/WILLIAMSON12/305050044/Volunteers-return-rescued-plants-home

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