Countdown to Certification of Arboretum – We need you!

40 Days                      40 Trees

Within the next 40 days we will be preparing the trees that will be certified for the arboretum. Trees with a blue flag on a wire next to it will be an arboretum tree. So when you come to the Ward Ag Center, pick a blue flagged tree and remove the grass 2 feet from the trunk (this will make a 4 foot to 5 foot circle depending on how large the tree is…). Then email one of the tree committee and let them know what tree you prepared:

Flo Moore
Sandy Oxford
Carol Walenga

We will mulch all of the prepared trees, after which the TUFC arboretum certification officer will verify the genera and species of our chosen trees and we will then place identifying markers for each tree. 30 of these trees will be native to Tennessee!

If you have any questions feel free to email me or call me on my cell   260-1190.

Carol Walenga


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