Mark Your Calendars!

Tuesdays 9am–fairground beds work days see Norma Dee

Tuesdays & Saturdays 9am–fairgrounds tree work day…..

Please see attached partial list of trees to do & “how to” sheet if you are planning to make this a reality:

Download:   Arboretum ready trees & how to

Our Urban Forest
(a.k.a. the Baddour Parkway Arboretum)

wants to thank the following Master Gardeners for working towards its certification:

23. Eastern redcedar/Juniperus virginiana Flo&Carol
24. Elm/Ulmus americana-possibly will check Flo & Carol                       
25. Maple/ Acer japonicum-possibly will check Flo & Carol
26. Hackberry/ Celtis occidentalis              Flo & Carol
27. Black Walnut (2)/ Juglans nigra           Norma Dee
28. Dogwood/ Cornus florida                     Flo Moore
29. Redbud / Cercis Canadensis Tx White   Carol Walenga
29. Redbud / Cercis Canadensis               Kaoru Mitchell
30. Sweet Gum / L.styraciflua “Rotundiloba”  Flo Moore 
30. Sweet Gum / Liquidamber styraciflua  Carolyn Morris
31. Black Cherry / Prunus serotina            Carol Walenga
32. Chase Tree / Vitex negundo                Carolyn Morris
33. River Clump Birch (2)/Betula nigra       Carol Walenga
34. Bald Cypress / Taxodium distichum     Norma Dee
35. Crape Myrtle (2) /Lagerstroemia indica Flo & Carol
35. Crape Myrtle / Lagerstroemia indica     Norma Dee
36. Fringe Tree / Chionanthus virginicus    Marianne Pelletier
37. Sugar Maple /Acer saccharum             Flo & Carol
37. Sugar Maple /Acer saccharum             Norma Dee
38. Contorted Willow /Salix matsudana     Carol Walenga
39. Gingko/Gingko biloba                Rae Jacobson & Belinda Foren
40. Tulip Poplar/Liriodendron tulipifera      Norma Dee
May the Forest Be With You!
Carol Walenga   260-1190 or contact
Flo Moore                          or contact
Sandy Oxford                 


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