An Invitation to Joy Relived in Fiddlers Grove

September 2, 2013

Dear Master Gardeners,

The members of the Year Round Garden Club would like to extend a special invitation to all Master Gardeners. We will be hosting a Standard Placement Flower Show in Fiddler’s Grove, a location we know is dear to all the members of your club.

Our 2013 flower show, Joy Relived in Fiddler’s Grove, will be Thursday, September 12, 1-3pm. Four flower design types will be featured. The entries will be presented in the following buildings: Bay’s Southern Bread Company building, the McFarland Hospital building, the A.C. Wharton Market Building, Clay’s Service Station, and Dedman’s Store/Johnson’s Dairy Museum. Two educational exhibits and horticulture specimens will be on display in the Veteran’s Building.

There is no charge for the event and we look forward to seeing you in Fiddler’s Grove. If you would like more information, please contact the Flower Show Chairman, Janet McClusky at (615) 547-0304.


The Year Round Garden Club

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