Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities – Sept 28 & 30

gladeville_post-officeSaturday, September 28th, there is a need for a group of volunteers who have an interest in native plants. We are going to be overhauling the landscape at the Gladeville post office with an all native landscape. We will start by cleaning out the existing landscape and preparing the beds for the addition of native plants. If you would like to participate in this project, be at the post office, located at 8736 Stewarts Ferry Pike, at 9:00 am. The work should not take longer than two hours.

MondaWilson_County_Extensiony, September 30th at the Wilson County Extension Office, located at 925 E. Baddour Parkway, Suite 100 in Lebanon (by the Ward Ag. Center) there is a need of 3 to 5 volunteers who would like to help with some light mulching and clean-up work. Also, this would be a good opportunity for interns to familiarize themselves with the office and the native landscaping that we have incorporated around the building. This volunteer work will take place from 9 am and will not last more than two or three hours.

If you are interested in either volunteer opportunity or have any questions, please contact Justin Stefanski via email at jstefans@utk.edu or calling his office at (615) 444-9584.


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