It’s A Chili Cook-Off on Tuesday, January 7

chili-933Can our reigning champion be unseated? If you attended last year’s chili cook-off, you know it won’t be easy. Marianne makes a mean bowl of chili! But if you have a good recipe and you think you have what it takes, don your apron, get to cutting and whip up a batch for the January 7 meeting. Make a crock-pot or stew-pot full, enough for everyone to get a taste. Also, please email and let him know that you’re bringing chili. This way we’ll have an idea of how many plan to participate. CHILI-3

And if you’re not making chili, maybe you can help by bringing one of the following items: grated cheese, cornbread, crackers or corn chips, drinks and desserts. If you can provide any of these items, please let Greg know via email at as soon as possible so that we’ll know what’s coming and what’s lacking.

Chili Entries:

1. Don Hatcher
2. Randall Connor
3. Malissa Pitts
4. Edwina Reeder
5. Lawana Nelson
6. Patti & Gary Stein
7. Shannon Spence
8. Jan Littrell

Crackers or chips:

1. Janie & Kevin Kelley
2. Peggy Scholes
3. Monica Malone
4. Belinda Foren & Rae Jacobson


1. Norma Dee
2. Karen & Fred Dawson
3. Geri Tomerlin
4. Karla Clark
5. Linda & Roy Atkinson
6. Ronnie Gammons (corn light bread, butter, sour cream)

Grated Cheese:

1. Janie & Kevin Kelley
2. Mike Willey
3. Peggy Scholes
4. Linda & Roy Atkinson


1. Mike Willey
2. Faye Huddleston (blueberry cobbler)
3. Belinda Foren & Rae Jacobson
4. Patti & Gary Stein
5. Frank Cain (pecan pie)
6. Laleta Shipper
7. Adam Meadors


1. John Frantz
2. Randall Connor
3. Lynn Mouvery
4. Sondra Bishop
5. Adam Meadors

Cups & Spoons:

1. Ronnie Gammons
2. Greg Tomerlin (350 styrofoam cups & 100 plastic spoons)



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