List of Vegetable Seed Garden Catalogs for 2014

UPDATE:  The folders/files referenced in the document below are available for download using Dropbox, a free online file hosting service. To download these files, send an email to Randall Connor at and he will send you the download information.

Thank you Randall Connor for sharing your massive collection of catalogs, databases, and online resources with us. What a treasure trove of gardening goodies.

The file referenced and linked to below is the largest collection of vegetable seed catalogs in the world. There are  over 515 companies indexed. At least 120 of them still offer paper catalogs while over 120 of them offer at least one down-loadable PDF catalog. Most of them have online catalogs. This list was compiled for several reasons, but mostly I wanted to share with you a  wide cross section of the many different types of seed growers and resellers that there are to chose from today. Each company has a direct link to their website along with a mention of what kind of catalogs they offer. If available, I have already downloaded each of the most recent PDF catalogs, which are available in separate folder. There are over 170 of them this year. Most of these companies sell seeds via delivery but I have listed a few wholesale and retail dealers who offer good information about their products and the industry. I also listed a few companies that sell native grasses and ground cover for those people interested in filling in those “hard to grow anything” bald spots. This list is not complete, but it is a good start. [ … click to download and continue reading ]

List_of_vegetable_seed_catalogs_March_2014 by Randall_Connor


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