WCMG Email Problems

Master Gardeners, we are experiencing problems with our wilsoncountymg email account again. Twice in the last week email messages to the entire group were not delivered by Gmail. In addition, I was not notified that the messages were not delivered until 36 hours and 24 hours after they were sent. If this continues, we will be forced to use some other email outlet. I hope it does not come to that.

In the meantime, I will continue to use the email account because the majority of our email messages are being delivered. However, until this problem is resolved, I will duplicate group email messages here on the website. Obviously, for this to work you will have to check the website. I realize this is a hassle, but with luck we will work our way through this quickly.

We are busy getting the Ag Center and Fiddlers Grove garden beds ready for spring and summer, so we are likely to have many workdays where your help is needed. Please check the website frequently for any volunteer opportunities. Even if you receive emails  from the WCMG account, please check the website occasionally to make sure an important message or announcement is not being held up by Gmail.

For the record, the subjects and dates of the messages that were not delivered, or not delivered in a timely manner, were:

  • WCMG Meeting – Tuesday, 4 April 2017: sent Monday morning, 3 April 2017
  • Work Day Cancelled Today: sent Thursday morning, 6 April 2017

Thank you for your cooperation. I hope to have this problem resolved soon.



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