Tree Work Day: Can’t get in fairgrounds today so changing to next Monday

Country Living Fair needs Monday (tonight) through Thursday to set up for their Fair for Friday through Sunday…so no work at the fairgrounds this week. Tonight’s work evening is cancelled.

If it’s alright with everyone–Let’s change it from tonight (Monday) to next Monday afternoon/evening April 25th.

We can spruce up our tree circles—or if you would like air conditioning from 5:30 on we will be putting together goody bags for Spring Fest. We will be doing various other things like drawing on chalkboards, putting up signs, making baskets. Bring a sack dinner if you like.

Text me 615 260-1190 if you think you can make it.

Also if anyone wants to bring cool garden items or homemade items that you would like to donate to the Silent Auction to help Fiddlers Grove that is always welcomed.

Thank You, Thank You!

Carol Walenga

PS: Remember WCMG now counts drive time as volunteer hours (so if it takes 30 minutes in and 30 minutes home—you need to add an hour of volunteer time to your “Outreach” hours Thanks again!


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