2017 Fair Volunteer Sign-Up Forms Online

The 2017 Wilson County Fair is just weeks away, and lines are forming now to volunteer for the various Wilson County Master Gardener activities. If you want to be part of the fun, sign up early and often for your favorite events.

Complete the sign-up form(s) for the event(s) you wish to be a part of. Enter your name, email address, and choose the time/date you wish to work. If you have questions or comments, enter them in the space provided, then click the Submit button. The activity leader will be notified via email when you click the submit button so be sure to click it. Otherwise, your registration will not go through.

The volunteer sign-up forms are here:  https://wilsoncountymg.org/ 2017-fair-signup/

You will also find this page by clicking the 2017 Fair Sign-up menu below the banner at the top of every page of our website. Volunteer sign-up forms for the following events are on that page:

  • Wine Show Check-in – Friday, 11 August 2017
  • Wine Show Judging – Saturday, 12 August 2017
  • Wine Show Pickup – Sunday, 27 August 2017
  • Flower Show Check-in – Thursday, 17 August 2017
  • Flower Show Host/Hostess – 18-26 August 2017
  • Fruit & Vegetable Check-in – Thursday, 17 August 2017
  • Ask a Master Gardener Booth – 18-26 August 2017
  • Demo Garden Attendant – 18-26 August 2017

Below each event volunteer sign-up form is a link to the current list of volunteers for that event. If you volunteer for an event then later forget what time you are supposed to work, you will find that information listed on the list. These lists will be updated every day or two for the next couple weeks, then as necessary right before the fair starts.

Finally, if you find a broken link or some other error using these forms, please let Greg know as soon as possible.  Thanks.


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