WCMG Meeting / Chili Cook-Off – Tuesday, 6 February 2018

WCMG Chili Cook-Off
in the Education Building
Tuesday, 6 February 2018 @ 6:30 PM


And Tuesday, 6 February 2018 is our annual chili cook-off.  Can our reigning champion be unseated? If you attended last year’s chili cook-off, you know it won’t be easy. It never is among the members of the Wilson County Master Gardener Association.

NO MORE ENTRIES PLEASE. WE HAVE TEN CONTESTANTS. If you have a good recipe and you think you have what it takes to tempt the sophisticated taste buds of our members, then don your apron, get to cutting and whip up a batch for the February 6 meeting. Make a crock-pot or stew-pot full, enough for everyone to get a taste. Also, please complete this online [ Sign-Up Form ] if you plan to bring chili. Here is the direct link to the sign-up form:


This form helps us keep up with how many plan to participate in the cook-off as well as know what other food items we still need.

CHILI-3And if you’re not making chili, maybe you can help by bringing one of the following items: grated cheese, sour cream, cornbread, crackers or corn chips, drinks or a dessert. If you can provide any of these items, please complete this online [ Sign-Up Form ] as soon as possible so that we’ll know what’s coming and what’s lacking.

chili_competitionChili Cook-Off Entries (maximum = 10):

  1. Gary Stein (past winner)
  2. Joan Sutherland 
  3. Vicki Rohr
  4. Whit Whitaker
  5. David Bates (past winner)
  6. Boone Swain
  7. Judy Price
  8. Brandee Seaborn
  9. Bob Hamilton (past winner)
  10. Karla Clark


What Others Are Bringing:

chili-cook-off_medCheese (shredded)
1) Carol Benson
2) Judy Lea
3) Patti Hoag

Sour Cream
1) Carol Benson

2) Sondra Bishop
3) Patti Hoag

1) Lawana Nelson

2) David Bates

Corn Chips
1) Lawana Nelson
2) Carol Walenga

Sondra Bishop
2) Jan Whitaker


1) Frank Cain (Yummy!)

2) Fay Huddleston
3) Lisa Thompson
4) Laleta Shipper
5) Darlene Driver

1) Lynn Mouvery
2) Joan Sutherland (Diet Coke)
3) Carol Walenga (unsweet tea)
4) Kathy Powers (sweet tea & lemonade–1 gal each)
6) .
7) .

chiliIf you plan on bringing chili, cornbread, crackers, corn chips, grated cheese, sour cream, dessert or a drink but for some reason are unable to use the [ Sign-Up Form ], please let Greg know via email as soon as possible cedarbees@gmail.com


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