Labors of Love Garden Rebuilds – April 2021

I thank all the people that worked on this day. Susie Butler, Patti Hogue, Patti Stein, Norma Dee, Jeff Puffen, Ed Jacobs, Bill Brooks, David Bates, David Vowell and John Rick’s. What a great bunch of friends I am blessed with.

This is Susie Butler and Patti Stein refilling beds.

Our new lady at the garden. We we’re very thankful.

Poor Jeff shoveled wheel barrows of soil. He deserved a break.


Saturday, 4 April 2021, volunteers from the Wilson County Master Gardener Association show up to restore and rebuild the Labors of Love Garden at Charlie Daniels Park in Mount Juliet after a late March flood destroyed almost everything in and around the garden.


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