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Viburnum Blooming at Rice’s Cabin – Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Tennessee Extension Certified Master Gardener Fran Strausburg was out at Rice’s Cabin in Fiddlers Grove on Wednesday, 28 November 2018 and found her viburnum blooming in the frosty morning air. . wcmg

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Fiddlers Grove Pot Cleaning Party

Thanks goes out to Karla Clark, Vicki Rohr Carol Walenga with helping clean out all the flower pots in the Grove. Thanks goes out to Rosemary Marshall, Tina Benson and Joni Wohnrade. And thank you Marianne Pelletier for sharing your photos. … Continue reading

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Melrose Church gets some MG Love

Carol Walenga led a team of Master Gardeners (assisted by hubby, Guy) on a soggy Saturday morning to spiff up Melrose Church in Fiddlers Grove.  Tasks completed include amending soul, transplanting sedum, planting a new oakleaf hydrangea and weeding!  Thanks … Continue reading

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Fall Tilling in the Demo Garden!

Many thanks to Ed Gehrke for tilling our demonstration garden.  It looks marvelous!! And thank you Vicki Rohr for sharing your photos. . wcmg

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Back In The Arboretum – Monday, 22 October 2018

Norma Dee gave some TLC to Ann Roy’s honor White Lilac as well as her two Little Gem Magnolias. She was joined today by Tina Benson and Rosemary Marshall who worked on their White oak “Birthing Tree” baby. Carol Walenga … Continue reading

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