Monarch Way Station

Thank you Debbie Williams, Tom Marshall, Rosemary Marshall, Robert Benson, Linda Kovacs, Joe Kovacs, Betty Crawford, Toy Crawford, Roz Howell, and Ed Gerhke for all the work this week on the Monarch Way Station. Thank you to Ed for transporting all the cardboard for paths.

Monarch Way Station gets help under direction of bed chair Tina Benson


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Fiddlers Grove Work Day – Saturday, 25 May 2019

We want to thank the following for participating in recent Fiddlers Grove work days:

David Bates, Carol Benson, Tina & Robert Benson, Susie Butler, Toy & Betty Crawford, Darlene Driver, Jason Ellis, Wanda Elwell, Edward Gehrke, Maryann Hicks, Roz Howell, Kary Johnston, Linda & Joe Kovacs, Rosemary Marshall, James Morris, Lawana Nelson, Vicki Rohr, Brandee & lil’ Ben Seaborn, Deb Shields, Donnie & Rose Skaggs, Fran Strausburg, Carol Walenga, Jan & Whit Whitaker and Deb Williams.

THANK YOU so much for making Fiddlers Grove beautiful!

Brandee Seaborn,    Demo Garden
Rosemary Marshall,  Demo Garden
Ed Gehrke,          Demo Garden
Marianne Pelletier, Flowerbeds
Vicki Rohr,         Flowerbeds
Tina Benson,        Monarch Way Station
Carol Walenga,      Trees

If we missed anyone–please let us know!


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WCMG Intern Class of 2019

On Tuesday evening, 7 May 2019, Lucas Holman, Horticultural Extension Agent for Wilson County presented certificates to 23 interns who recently completed their initial Master Gardener training. Photos of the 2019 Wilson County Master Gardener Intern class are available by clicking the image below.

Wilson County Master Gardener Intern Class of 2019

Wilson County Master Gardener Intern Class of 2019

Wilson County Master Gardener Association

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Butterfly Garden Spring Clean Up

Here are a few photos taken Thursday, 28 March 2019 during the spring cleanup at the Cedars of Lebanon State Park Native Plant & Butterfly Garden. Thank you Rosemarie Skaggs for sharing your photos.


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Volunteers Rebuild Labor Of Love Garden

On Saturday, 6 March 2019, local newspaper The Wilson Post ran a piece on Wilson County Master Gardener volunteers cleaning up and rebuilding the Labor Of Love Garden in Mount Juliet after the February floods ravaged the garden. Click the image to view a larger version.


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