Workday at the Labors of Love Community Garden – Saturday, 8 October 2016

Here are a few action photos, courtesy of David Vowell, taken Saturday, 8 October 2016 at the Labors of Love Community Garden at Charlie Daniels Park in Mount Juliet.

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A Brief History of the History Garden at Fiddlers Grove

Thanks goes out to everyone who came out and helped in creating the History Garden. It was a fun time. It’s amazing how much can get done when we work together.

The Garden has been planted with lettuce, spinach and kale. I also put in flower seeds that need stratification in order to germinate. These flowers will used throughout the Grove and maybe will be available for sale at Spring Fest in April.

Next year the garden will be planted with sorghum, broom corn along with other heirloom vegetables.

Thank you for all that you do!
Marianne Pelletier

wcmg_history_garden-20161015-051 wcmg_history_garden-20161015-052 wcmg_history_garden-20161015-056 wcmg_history_garden-20161015-065  wcmg_history_garden-20161015-042 wcmg_history_garden-20161015-044 wcmg_history_garden-20161015-048



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Volunteer & Education Hours Available

Hi Everyone!

20161009_142022I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying this beautiful fall weather. It’s the perfect time to come to Fiddlers Grove to help in creating and learning about the History Garden. This Saturday, October 15, at 8am we will be at Stewart’s Cabin (by Opry Stage) to start building raised beds.

If you are in need of Education hours come out with hammer in hand to learn how to build raised beds from landscape timbers.

If you are in need of volunteer hours, bring a hammer to pound rebar through landscape timbers into the ground (this is not as hard as it sounds).

As the beds are built we will need volunteers to fill the beds with soil (soil is bagged) and then if there is time we will mulch around the beds.

If you have any newspapers, please bring them. We will use them to put under the mulch.

Most importantly lunch will be provided for those who help. Please let me know if you can help this Saturday so I know how much food to make.

Thank you for all that you do!
Marianne Pelletier





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Work Day at the Fiddlers Grove History Garden

The area where the Fiddlers Grove History Garden will be has been tilled. Now we have to rake out the grass and level it out before we put the raised beds in.

There will be a work day this Tuesday, Oct 11 at 8am. Bring your metal rakes to help in getting the garden ready.

Also, if you have any newspapers you don’t need, please bring them with you. We will be using it in the pathways under the mulch to try and keep weeds down.

See you then!

Marianne Pelletier

20161009_142022 20161009_134759


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“Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn” – Demo Garden

On Wednesday, 14 September 2016 Linda Robertson led troops through the maze of corn stalks, an okra forest and tomato vines to seize control of the Demo Garden and Memory Garden. By all accounts, the coup was successful with all casualties occurring at the distant end of the hoe, spade and rake. Below are photos of the action taken by your veteran war correspondent Carol Walenga. Thank you, Carol! And thank you to all who showed up for duty: Ann Andrews, David Bates, Carol Benson, Brenda Gill, Janie Kelley, Floyd Patterson, Linda Robertson, Jan Whitaker and Whit Whitaker.




wcmg_20160914-img_0342 wcmg_20160914-img_1576


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