Freeing The Trees

Thank you Vicki Rohr and Carol Walenga for sharing your photos from the Free The Trees gathering on Saturday, 20 October 2018.

Vicki Rohr, Beanie Skaggs and Joni Wohlrabe “a-wrestling”
the Rose of Sharon tree trunk troll

Joni, Carol & Rose “Beanie” team up to trim some limbs.

Thank you for the FUN day-Joni Wohlrabe, Beanie Skaggs and Vicki Rohr in the trees! On our way out we saw Carol Benson Whit & Jan Whitaker

Whit and Jan (not pictured) and Carol Benson cleaned up the Garden Guild
garden in the front and right side of the WCMG building.  Looks great!


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Pioneer Day at Fiddlers Grove

Thank you Vicki Rohr for sharing your photos.

Telephone Museum

Kids staring at goats and vice versa

School Days

The Crazy Tree Lady


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Carol’s New Baby Tree

Saturday October 13 work day. Carol and her new baby tree. Thank you Rosemarie Skaggs for sharing your photo.


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Saturday at the Grove

A day in the Grove with Wilson County Master Gardeners. Thank you Carol Walenga for sharing your photos.

Doris Garrison


Marianne Pelletier, Beanie Skaggs and Vickie Rohr



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Soil Testing Class – Thursday, 1 November 2018

Wilson County Extension Agent Lucas Holman is conducting a free soils class on November 1 from 6:30-7:30 focusing on soil testing – how, when, and why.  He will cover how, when, and why you should test your soil and also how to read a general soil test report. The flyer below contains all the details. Feel free to share with all your gardening friends!

RSVP is required


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