Following is a list of ongoing Wilson County Master Gardener projects.

  • Baddour Parkway Arboretum
    The Baddour Parkway arboretum is a TUFC Certified Level 1 Arboretum established in 2014 and located in and around Fiddlers Grove Historic Village on the campus of the James E. Ward Agricultural Center in Lebanon. The arboretum features shagbark hickories, oaks, elms, redbuds, dogwoods, willows, maples, ash, and crapemyrtle.
  • Butterfly Garden at Cedars of Lebanon State Park
    The Butterfly Garden is a collection of native flowers and trees specifically designed to attract and provide for butterflies, bees and other pollinators. It is located behind the Dixon L. Merritt Nature Center at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. The Butterfly Garden is a Certified Monarch Waystation.
  • Fiddlers Grove Demonstration Garden (vegetable)
    The Vegetable Demo Garden is a 2,400 sq.ft. vegetable garden located on the north loop of Fiddlers Grove. Maste Gardeners grow three seasons of vegetables, herbs and flowers. The garden is planned to be in full production during the Wilson County Fair every August. You’ll find all the regular crops including: corn, tomatoes, beans, peas, squash, okra, eggplant, peppers, onions, Cole crops, greens, and pumpkins.
  • Fiddlers Grove Demonstration Gardens (flower & herb)
    The Flower and Herb Demo Gardens are scattered all over Fiddlers Grove and the Ward Ag Center. Among the gardens you will find native flower beds, pollinator gardens, scent gardens, medicinal herb beds, shade gardens, and many others
  • Labors of Love Community Garden in Mount Juliet
    The Labors of Love Community Garden is a 2,400 sq.ft. vegetable garden located along Stoner Creek at the Charlie Daniels Park in Mount Juliet. This garden was the brainchild of Wilson County Master Gardener Jan Littrell who continues to lead the project. Jan and a tireless crew work year-round producing crops which are donated to the local Senior Citizens Awareness Network or SCAN.
  • Mount Juliet Library Landscape
    The Mount Juliet Library is currently undergoing construction and remodeling.
  • UT Extension Office Native Garden
    The Native Landscape at the Wilson County Extension Office features all native plants which are adapted to the highly variable weather conditions here in Tennessee’s Central Basin. The plants withstand the often bitter cold winters, extremely hot and humid summers, along with irregular rain patterns.
  • Wilson County Master Gardener Help-Line
    Seek Assistance from the Help-Line
    Volunteer to Work the Help-Line – (view schedule) .
  • The Zinnie Project
    The Zinnie Project is a zinnia garden headed Jan & Whit Whitaker. The Zinnie Project was conceived by Jan & Whit in 2015 and first planted in 2016. The project grows and distributes fresh-cut zinnias to area memory care facilities and nursing homes..


Project Chairperson
Baddour Parkway Arboretum Carol Walenga
Cedars of Lebanon Butterfly Garden Linda Robertson & Kathy Powers
Demonstration Garden at Fiddlers Grove Vicky Rohr & Brandee Seaborn
Extension Office Help-Line Carol Benson, Jan & Whit Whitaker
Extension Office Landscape Carol Benson, Jan & Whit Whitaker
Farm Days Jan Littrell & David Vowell
James Ward Ag Center Beds Marianne Pelletier
Mount Juliet Community Center Garden Jan Littrell
Mount Juliet Library Beds Ronnie Gammons
Zinni Garden Carol Benson, Jan & Whit Whitaker


Attention WCMG Members & Project Leaders:

Sally Swain, our project committee chairperson, collected project evaluation forms for 2015 and compiled the following report.

Here are copies of the blank project evaluation forms:

Also, if you have an idea for a new Master Gardener project, download a copy of the Project Proposal Request, complete it, and return it to Sally.