Photos – 2012 Autumn Work Day

It looks like autumn but feels like winter!

The photos below were taken during a volunteer session on Tuesday, 30 October 2012 at the Wilson County Fairgrounds. The morning was beautiful but the wind (remnant of Hurricane Sandy) was fierce with 25 mph sustained winds and 35 mph gusts.  At 9:30 AM the air temperature was 43F, but the windchill was in the mid 30s.  Nevertheless, Norma Dee, Marianne Pelletier and MG Intern Belinda bundled up and went to work transplanting crape myrtle from several of the Hale pots to their permanent sites, weeding and maintaining one of the butterfly gardens along with a few other flower gardens, and gathering up watering equipment for winter storage.

Photos courtesy of Gerri Tomerlin, taken 30 Oct 2012.